Monday, July 19, 2004

Games 88 through 90 - Red Sox
Licensed to Schill (and Pedro)
Red Sox 4, Angels 2
Angels 8, Red Sox 3
Red Sox 6, Angels 2
Record: 50-40
With the Sox' drastic home/road splits this year, I'm counting the second half's first series as a victory - at least a moral one - as the Sox split with one of their chief competitors.  As is becoming violently obvious, the Sox have a great chance to win when either Pedro or Schilling take the mound, and a legitimate chance to look like the Expos when anyone else climbs the hill.
Boston's 26-11 when either Pedro or Curt start, and 24-29 with any other pitcher beginning the game.  That simply screams for Theo Epstein to get a third starter prior to July 31, or for an intervention/exorcism to get the 2002 Derek Lowe back in the rotation. 
Schilling continues to be the streak-stopping, team-stabilizing, backbone of the pitching staff.  The Sox desperately needed the last game of this series, and he simply refused to give in to the Angels.  8 innings, 113 pitches, 1 earned run, 3 hits.  No fuss, no muss, thank you very much, let's fly to Seattle.  Pedro's the artist, but Schilling's the foundation.
David Ortiz pulled an interesting nutty during the series, flinging bats dangerously near a pair of umpires after being ejected for arguing balls and strikes.  I like the emotion from a team that hasn't shown much this year, but I don't like the fact that the team's best left-handed hitter will miss at least 4 games.  Maybe Gabe Kapler could get pissed off as a proxy for the rest of the squad.
Oh, and in case you weren't clear, fuck Randy Johnson and the bad country song he rode in on.

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