Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Games 91 through 93 (in progress) - Red Sox
They're Hitting Bloop Singles (Deep Inside Joke)
Mariners 8, Red Sox 4 (11)
Red Sox 9, Mariners 7
Orioles 8, Red Sox 4 (through 6)
Record: 51-41

Quick and dirty here, because I'm packing for the 11th Annual (12th?  To tell the truth, in all the excitement, I've kinda lost track.  So you gotta ask yourself, 'Do I feel lucky?'.  Well, do you, punk.  Um...sorry.) Outer Banks Fishing Trip. 

Pedro was flat dealing through 3 1/3 innings, retiring the first 10 Orioles before David Newhan reached on a broken bat gleek to third.  Then, instead of realizing that his pitcher was dominant and letting him work, Sox manager Terry Francona called for a first-pitch pitchout to hold...David Newhan.  The 1-0 count became 3-1 to Melvin Mora, who ripped a double to left to put runners on 2nd and 3rd.  Miguel Tejada followed with a scorched line drive right at Johnny Damon, who...suddenly levitated as he realized he couldn't see the ball and let it scream past him for a 2-run triple.

David Newhan just hit an inside-the-park homer on another ball that Damon misplayed (and Manny Ramirez inexplicably cut off) to make the score 8-4.  All 8 runs charged to Pedro.  All 8 earned.  And if the manager had let Pedro pitch, a real chance that none of them would have scored - dinks, dunks, bloops, and one or two well-hit balls combined with comical (yet, error-free) defense are what you get on the night after an intercontinental flight. 

Nothing more from me until Monday at the earliest, which portends good things for the BoSox, if last week's Tahoe vacation is any indicator.  No blog = winning streak.  Let's hope so, because the Sox have three against the Yankees in Boston over the weekend.

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