Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Games 78 through 86 - Red Sox
The Restorative Power of Clean Mountain Air

Atlanta Braves 6, Red Sox 3
Red Sox 6, Braves 1
Braves 10, Red Sox 4
Red Sox 11, A's 0
Red Sox 11, A's 3
Red Sox 8, A's 7 (10)
Red Sox 7, Rangers 0
Red Sox 14, Rangers 6
Rangers 6, Red Sox 5

Record: 48-38

I cannot offer enough superlatives about my week in Lake Tahoe, beginning with the sublime weather, stunning vistas, and overconsumption of adult beverages in the company of great friends (do you think I'm too old to be puking on my shoes at a wedding reception?), and ending with the clear connection between my presence there and the Sox' ability to put a serious ass-whipping on some pretty good teams (the 6-5 loss to the Rangers occurred after I'd returned to Sacramento - the Sox were 5-0 while I was in Tahoe).

More to come later, including a mid-season report, but the Boston 9 that I saw against Oakland was the real deal - equal parts explosive offense, stellar pitching, and gritty resolve. I'd like another big helping of that with a side order of someone to take Derek Lowe's place in the rotation, please.

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