Saturday, May 08, 2004

Games 27 through 29 - Red Sox
No excuses

Red Sox 9, Indians 5
Red Sox 5, Indians 2
Red Sox 7, Kansas City Royals 6
Record: 18-11

Mere weeks after being on the receiving end of a chiding for his blogslack, Whitney's picked up the pace quite nicely and churned out some inspired text. He's also correctly called me out for my lack of hustle of late. To which I respond:

1. Spent Thursday in Boston for work - never even turned on my computer. Sox win Wednesday nite, 9-5.
2. Spent all day yesterday catching up after being out of the office Thursday - never even went online. Sox win Thursday nite, 5-2.
3. Am at this very moment bouncing a very fussy 10 week-old on my knee and will not likely get back to the blog today. Sox win last night, 7-6 in a scintillating comeback.
4. Never fuck with a streak. Haven't you ever seen Bull Durham?

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