Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Dimension Not Only of Sight and Sound . . . But of Mind

I'm gone for five days and:

1. The Mets rattle off four wins.
2. Rob Russell tries to jump the shark with this site.

Now pitching for the Mets: Rod Serling. What's more puzzling? While the Mets won with ease while I was away, reinforcing my ever-solidifying theory that my fandom is a disease to them, Rob's meager three postings read like the final season of a long-running sitcom. Few and far between episodes, limited content, plenty of formulaic retread. He even linked to an old posting of his like a clip show! There were typos, grammatical no-nos, and mathematical errors (my college year total). He linked to a site doing our job better than we were! (For the last five days, for sure.) He quoted the Sports Guy, then blatantly ripped off his mailbag segment, then further emulated the SG by posting a non sequitur non-sports bit without any reference to the topics at hand. (Those still are the Red Sox and Mets, no?) And T.J. Doyle? Was Vince McMahon unavailable for comment? MLC becomes the XFL in five short days. I am scrolling down now to see if there are ads for erectile dysfunction cures somewhere below.

By saying all of this, I heave myself onto the slide and under the microscope for the next few days. I'd better have some good material that doesn't read like vacation slides. Well, I'm technically still on vacation until Thursday AM. So the Mets can keep doing whatever it is they're doing, and Rob can blame his daughters for his Mondesi-like commitment this week.

And if baseball comes to the "D.C. area" but winds up at Dulles, I am back to going to Orioles games - it'd be closer.

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