Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

At the risk of turning this portion of MLC into a bad parody of a 100,000-word poetry slam between Bill Simmons and Ralph Wiley (wait, they've already done that to themselves), I must respond to my colleague's harangue. Coming from a guy that I had to literally (okay, figuratively) shake out of a blogcoma mere weeks ago, I find his sentiments a bit hypocritical, if not schoolmarmish (we point out grammatical errors and typos now - that'll be hours of fun for reader of all age (NOTE: that's intentional, serving to note that we only really have one reader, please keep your Chicago Book of Style in its holster)). And if he's trying to say that it didn't take him 6 years to graduate college, well, we all know better than that.

With an entire day off of work to spend crafting eloquent Metprose, I expect something Dickensian, or at least Lupican from our traveling correspondent.

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