Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Game 26 - Red Sox
Working Hard to Lose

Indians 7, Red Sox 6
Record: 15-11

A five-game losing streak? For this team? I'd have not thought that possible with the starting rotation assembled by Theo Epstein. At least it's happening in April and not September.

Derek Lowe got tagged with last night's loss, and while he wasn't spectacular, he certainly wasn't helped by two Bill Mueller throwing errors in the Indians' 5-run 4th. Paging Bill Mueller. Paging Bill Mueller. Will the real Bill Mueller please pick up a white courtesy phone - someone is impersonating you at third base for the Red Sox.

The Sox bats slumbered through another mediocre performance until Johnny Damon jolted them to life with a 3-run homer off noted Japanese gay porn star Kazuhito Tadano (true story - Tadano appeared in a gay porn during college because he "needed the money". Bet he's never needled about that in the clubhouse, no sirree.).

This losing streak is weird, because the Sox have been in every game, and have played hard and got no bounces. Like, um, when they started 15-6 and played hard and got all the bounces - as noted below.

Continuing in the random, directionless nature of this post, today also brings news of another implosion by the Oakland A's against the Yankees. After blowing an 8-4, 8th inning lead against New York last week, the A's (with Mark Mulder on the hill) couldn't hold a 7-1, 3rd inning advantage last night. 2004 Oakland A's, meet the 2003 Minnesota Twins. My antipathy towards Oakland has grown over the past few years - especially after the Sox/A's ALDS and Oakland's whiny efforts. It will not be long before I can officially declare my hatred for the organization. Stay tuned.

B.H. Kim finds himself in the pressure situation of having to win tonight to snap a long skid. Kim and pressure - not exactly chocolate and peanut butter. To paraphrase Al Davis, just win a goddamn game, already.

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