Friday, May 14, 2004

Game 35 - Mets
2-0 Against the Stud Arms; Next Stop: Dis-Astro Land

Mets 7, Diamondbacks 4
Record: 16-19

Vance Wilson's 3-run jack off Brandon Webb gave the Mets a lead they wouldn't relinquish, and our gang pulled out a series split with the D-backs. Wilson's key hit and display of power is promising, too, because what with "The Jason Phillips Problem," there's no question Mike Piazza should be playing 1B most of the time, and Mr. Wilson will undoubtedly be getting more innings behind the plate. Phillips's woes are a shame, because he was one of the bright spots in a dark and dreary 2003 season, but he's just not the same guy out there.

Cliff "Pretty [Much Injured All the Time] Boy" Floyd was back in action last night, going 1-for-5 and driving in a run. To make room for him, New York shipped out miscalculation Ricky Gutierrez, inking in homegrown product Danny Garcia as the everyday second baseman. Oh, but just until Jose Reyes's hamstring gets better or Wally Backman comes out of retirement, whichever comes first. I think Garcia can play there all season if he keeps up his current pace. And what with the negative press about Reyes's botched rehab, it's a nice distraction at the 4-spot.

Jae Seo pitched well enough for five innings, but had to leave with yet another finger problem. Last time it was a cracked fingernail, this time it was a blister. He's really got to find a cure for that leprosy.

The Mets find themselves at 16-19; they were 6-9 20 games ago. That's cool and all, but are we destined to see 26-29? The NL East isn't scaring anyone. The Marlins have the worst first-place record in baseball, but the Expos are the most games out of anyone. The Phils are better than they were, which only means Larry Bowa will probably be around on June 1. And the Braves have been in a tailspin of late. If only the Mets could string something together, there'd be reason to cheer above a chortle.

In other news / punts in the groin, Al Leiter has a sore left shoulder and will likely miss Sunday's start against Clemens and Houston, a.k.a. Ass and the Astros. This cannot be good in either the short term or long term. If pressed for a guess, I'd say Dan Wheeler would be your spot starter there. And scroll down about a foot for Wheeler's last adventure. The other alternative, if Leiter is indeed hurt, would be to DL him and bring up some poor sap who will surely get clubbed by Lance Berkman & Co. in that wiffle ball stadium while the Crotch Rocket shows him how it's really done in the big leagues.

Yeah, my bright-sider tendencies have been squelched. No surprise there, though, eh?

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