Friday, May 14, 2004

Game 35 - Red Sox
A Play in One Act

Blue Jays 12, Red Sox 6
Record: 20-15

We're going live to a private conversation that's taking place inside Rob's head between two very different personalities. Put on your helmet and let's listen in:

Pessimist Guy: I'm tired of making excuses for this team. They are flat out mediocre at the moment. Flat. Out. Mediocre.

Voice of Reason: Dude, they've played games on 20 consecutive days, with a hellish travel schedule made worse by the early-season rains. Let them catch their breath.

PG: Don't care why they're treading water - the fact remains that they're 5-9 in the last 14 games against mostly dreck. Meanwhile, the Yankees have been reeling off wins against the league's best teams.

VoR: And the Yankees have to start Donovan Osborne for the forseeable future, while the Sox still have the league's best ERA for starters and relievers.

PG: Yeah, last night's 12-6 certainly provides hope of continued fine pitching performances.

VoR: Small sample size, idiot.

PG: Fine. What do you make of the fact that the Sox are 29th of 30 teams in fielding, smart guy?

VoR: I can make a pterodactyl...

PG: Ahh, make jokes to hide the fact that you, too, are worried.

VoR: Not worried, just mindful of the fact that it's a long season, and that Trot and Nomar are on the way back. Face it, any team that has to use Cesar Crespo, David McCarty, and Gabe Kapler frequently will inevitably perform to just about 20-15. This team is exactly where they should be at this point in the season - within striking distance of the league leaders without their best lineup.

PG: Man, am I getting tired of that refrain. When does it stop being a long season, and start being "down the stretch they come"? And when the Sox are 70-65 at that point, and you've lost your bet to Whitney, what mantra will you use at that point?

VoR: Fire Francona, most likely.

PG: Hey, that brown-haired chick is pretty hot.

VoR: I love this office. What were we talking about?

PG: Who cares.

VoR: Right.

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