Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Game 33 - Red Sox
Could You BE More Wrong?

Red Sox 5, Indians 3
Record: 20-13

This season is starting to test my faith in my baseball knowledge, or at least in my prognostigatory (what?) skills. Mere days after I lamented Dave McCarty's uselessness, the erstwhile benchwarmer won last night's game with a two-out, two-run triple in the bottom of the 8th inning. Earlier in the game, Gabe Kapler belted his first homerun of the season, only a week or so after I lumped him (and McCarty) in with the merry band of idiots at the bottom of the Sox order (which also included Pokey "Two Taters" Reese). If Cesar Crespo wins a game this week with his bat, I'll have hit for a very bizarre cycle. I still want Trot and Nomar back.

(Whispered aside: Let's try something just for fun. There's no chance that John Kerry wins the Presidency in November. We'll check back on this one.)

The Indians have scored exactly 2 runs in the first inning of each of the 6 games they've played against the Red Sox this season. That's just plain weird. Maybe Keith Foulke should pitch the first inning tonight and give way to Tim Wakefield in the 2nd. What should irritate Indians fans is the fact that the Tribe has only won three of those games, mostly because they are a stupid (read: overly aggressive) team with a bad, bad bullpen. They're fun to watch, because they have some good young talent, and they take some liberties on the basepaths and in the field, and because no game is ever over - regardless of how big a lead they may take. They'll challenge for the AL Central in a few years, provided they punt Eric Wedge from his managerial role.

And that's all I've got to say about that, because the only moment I saw from this game was McCarty's logic-defying game-winner.

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