Thursday, August 28, 2003

Game 133 - Red Sox, or In the Old Days, They'd Prescribe Shock Therapy

Red Sox 6, Blue Jays 3
Record: 77-56
AL East: 4 GB NYY
Wild Card: T1 - Sea

I wonder if psychiatrists in New England are busier this time of year than other times. And I wonder if they're busier this year than in previous years, because this team seems to me to be a leading cause (and victim) of schizophrenic outbreaks. I tuned in last night via CBS Sportsline to find my boys trailing 3-0 in the 4th inning, and the Yankees leading Chicago, 2-0 (as an aside, is it possible to have John Burkett start each game in the 2nd inning, because he's lights out after his ritual 1st inning shelling). The power went out in my neighborhood, so I spent the next hour or so lighting candles and then trying to make sure that neither my daughter nor my cat were ignited by them.

After daughter went to bed, I logged back on (couldn't watch TV because the power was still out) just in time to "watch" Todd Walker's two-run homer give the Sox a 5-3 lead on Roy Halladay and the Jays, and to learn that the ChiSox had posted 7 runs on David Wells in the top of the 4th. Manic depressives don't have wider mood swings than Sox fans. The bullpen closed it out, the Yankees got drummed, 11-2, and Seattle lost to Tampa, making it a pretty good night all the way around. I even pummelled my wife in Trivial Pursuit before the lights came back on.

Today's an off-day in preparation for a three-game weekend series against the Yankees in Fenway. New York tries to salvage the last game of their series with the White Sox this afternoon, but if they fail, they'll only lead the Sox by 3.5, and the game will be afoot. Ixnay on the Ankeesyay olday itcherspay areay owingshay eirthay ageay, but it's been a tough week for the pinstripers. Fingers crossed and re-crossed going into the final sprint.

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