Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Game 131 - Red Sox, or Pedro's Getting Angry

Red Sox 8, Mariners 1
Record: 76-55
AL East: 5 GB NYY
Wild Card: T1 - Oak/Sea

Very quickly, this game was Exhibit 248,013 for the defense in the case of Pedro vs. the Boston Media. As I've stated before, Pedro is a big-time, big-game stud. He is arrogant, macho, headstrong, sensitive, proud, and makes no bones about it. In recent days, he's blown up over media-driven insinuation that his recent illness was not as bad as reported, that he should have pitched through it. He's reported to have said, "I'm going to make my $17.5 million and get out of here" after next season.

Long story short, he was pissed off yesterday, and took it out on the Mariners - with the help of his good buddy David Ortiz. Lesson, as always, don't get Pedro fired up, or you (meaning the opposition) will pay for it.

I really don't give a damn what he said, and only care a little about what he does after his contract expires at the end of the 2004 season. More precisely, I'll worry about that day when it comes. All I want from Pedro right now is for him to take the ball every 5th day and dominate like only he can. And if it takes the idiots in the Red Sox press corps to give him the motivation to do that, then drive on, moron train.

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