Friday, August 22, 2003

Game 126 - Mets

Mets 5, Padres 1
Record: 55-71

Usually it's the kids who preclude you from catching the ballgame on the tube, but today was the opposite – having to get my daughter home early for a doctor's appointment enabled me to watch the 5:00 game against San Diego in its entirety. It was a damn good thing I was able to watch the first two innings, too. After Ty Wigginton's three-run bomb and Roger Cedeno's two-run job in the first and second innings, respectively, the Mets decided that was going to be enough. The Padres pitchers retired 20 of the final 21 New York batters. If the Padres could have mustered anything at all, it would have completed the trilogy of bullpen giveaways, but Mike Stanton and Dave Weathers decided to go ahead and do their jobs this time around, preserving the lead that Jae Seo handed them. I would say something, by the way, about Seo's return to form once I rescinded my earlier praise, but I won't. Uh . . . he sucks.

The Metropollyannas head up to Los Angeles now for three. The Dodgers are still deluding themselves a la the Red Sox that they're contenders. It sure would be nice start the spoiling here and put a damper on their wild card chances.

Tigers Watch: they've now dropped nine straight . . . again . . . and are mathematically on pace to fall short of that lofty plateau set by Casey's Clowns in '62. I have a feeling they'll put together a few and eke out 41 wins. Then again, I bet actual money . . . wait, more valuable than money, I bet beer that the Mets would win 83.

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