Friday, August 15, 2003

Game 120 - Mets . . . Or Not

The Mets have had a shortage of power since Opening Day, but last night's game was called due to the power outages across the eastern part of the country. It's always weird when national events derail the 162-game calendar. Rain causing a re-schedule is one thing; snow in early April or late October is another, and weird things like tiles falling from the dome ceiling or the Disco Demolition Night debacle are bizarre baseball quirks. But when occurrences like earthquakes, widespread power outages, or, in the worst-possible case, terrorist attacks, disrupt the ride of a baseball season, it's like a rude awakening from a pleasant dream, being shaken and thrust into a harsh reality of life beyond the balls and strikes. Fortunately, in this case, the casualties didn't escalate, though several have perished in the aftermath.

The Mets are scheduled to open a series against the Rockies tonight, but I don't think the chances of them playing are all that good. Looks like I'll be stuck watching the Yanks/O's, Sox/M's, Jays/A's, and Braves/D-backs. A-OK by me.

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