Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Games 95 through 98 - Red Sox

Red Sox 3, Orioles 1
Red Sox 7, Orioles 2
Orioles 6, Red Sox 2
Red Sox 8, A's 3
Record: 58-40

I'm on Cape Cod, staring out at ocean as the tide recedes over the Brewster Flats, and I'm still cranking out more content than the rest of Team MLC combined. This, friends, is not the Golden Era for our little blog.

Short version: Orioles, good for what ails a team. Smoltz, frustrated (and -ing). Lester, stud. Beckett, stud. Bard, stud. Offense, finally. Beach, great.

1 comment:

rob said...

losing 2 straight to the a's means a puppy gets kicked. sorry, puppy. send your complaint to brad penny.