Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Games 92 & 93 - Red Sox

Rangers 6, Red Sox 3
Rangers 4, Red Sox 1
Record: 55-38

And here you were thinking I'd come in this joint all throwin' shit around and breaking stuff. I can't possibly imagine what would have led you to believe that. Me, all mild-mannered and even-keeled.

In truth, the breaking-stuff option crossed my mind a few times over the past several days. The Sox haven't hit in weeks, and the ball's bouncing every which way but theirs of late. A realistic assessment of their roster right now in comparison with those of Tampa and New York yields at best a draw, and at worst, a show in an event where only win and place matter - especially on offense.

But it's still July, for chrissakes. Ranting and raving might make me feel good (and it has in the past, Lord knows), but it doesn't amount to much other than a few additional points of blood pressure. And judging from the way our elected representatives are trying their damnedest to continue to place insurance company profits over public health, a rise in blood pressure can't bode well. I digress.

I wouldn't call myself optimistic, per se. Just temporally realistic. I think there's at least an even chance the Yankees are the best team in the league right now. I think there's an equally likely chance that things will change, and quickly, by trade, injury, and simply reveral of fortune.

So for the first time in a while, roll the balls out, let 'em play. We'll see what happens.


TJ said...

Enjoy Adam LaRoche....

rob said...

missing piece. it's all coming together.

TJ said...

...and Chris Duncan.

rob said...

missing link. it's all coming together.