Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Jesus, Etc.

Game 82 - Mets

Dodgers 8, Mets 0
Record: 39-43

Good to see the Mets kicking off the latter 81 of the 2009 season the same way they closed out -- and played much of -- the former . . . like dipshits.

The Mets book-ended the Dodgers' eight runs with bases-loaded walks. Add Mike Pelfrey and Brian Stokes to the long, stupidly long list of Mets' pitchers who've walked in runs. After Stokes' walk -- his third in a row -- in the eighth, Gary Cohen groaned, "The wheels have come completely off." Pity he wasn't just talking about this one game.

Of course we lament, curse, and mock the pitching and defense that allowed eight runs (and really, let's hold the defense a tad accountable yet again, as the sure-elbowed Luis Castillo's throwing error made sure once again that R≠ER in the box score). But although there is ample fodder to trash the starting rotation, the pen, the defense, and the managing decisions that give other teams (and fans) the runs . . .

. . . let's take a moment to salute the band of flailing incompetents holding bats for the New York Mets these days, shall we?

The Mets have now scored three runs the their last four games.

The Mets have not scored a run in 22 innings.

As Ronnie pointed out last night, the Mets have plated 39 runs in the last 14 games, not quite 3 a game. Not good. That 20 of them came in two games and the other 19 runs came in the remaining 12 games is just awful. About a run-and-a-half per outing -- for half a month. Yikes.

David Wright is now in a 6-for-46, 0-for-his-last-16 slump. Again! Dee-Dub's season has been as bipolar as any I have ever heard of, with the highest of highs in the hottest of hot streaks and the lowest of lows in the crappiest of crap skids. Get him some lithium, stat. Just . . . wow.

I could go on, but I won't. Ollie Perez returns tonight, but I'm kind of burned out on fireworks after the 4th. So I'm going to watch some rock and/or roll with Rob instead.

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Jerry said...

Sadly, the past few years may have sucked the baseball right out of me. It's not a good development.