Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Times Roll

Game 85 - Mets

Reds 3, Mets 0
Record: 40-45

Bronson Arroyo had been getting lit up like a Christmas tree for weeks.

B Arroyo
(W, 9-8)

The Mets face Johnny Cueto tonight. Cueto was absolutely torched by the Phillies last time out (9 ER in 2/3 inning). I will be fairly stunned if he doesn't throw a shutout against the Mets.

In other news to file under Things That Make Me Loathe This Team, the Mets traded one of my favorite guys on the team -- Ryan Church -- for a player I have never been able to stomach since his arrival in the bigs -- the Braves' Jeff Francoeur. I can't imagine that there will be enough upside in this deal (Francoeur has a rocket arm, but Church's was damn good; Francoeur swings at everything, which should endear him to David Wright) to make me come around on him.

Frankly, there just seems to be no way that Omar Minaya out-thunk Frank Wren. Not in Strat-o-matic, not in Connect Four, and certainly not in major league baseball.

To Rob's point below, I am earning the unbridled revelry I will exhibit when the Mets win the World Series in 2034.

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Jerry said...

Omar couldn't out-think Frank Wrench, star of the hit TV shot "Wrench".