Thursday, July 02, 2009

Joy Division

Game 77 - Mets

Mets 1, Brewers 0
Record: 38-39

Had to have this one. It wasn't pretty (12 Mets K's, 1 run on 5 hits), but it's a win.

David Wright was initially given the day off but was later penciled in; our friends over at Metsblog praised Jerry for the presence of mind to keep Dee-Dub in the lineup. Dave rewarded them with an 0-for-4, 3K, 12th-error-of-the-season day. Oh, well. It came in a win.

3rd place, 2 games out of 1st. Thank goodness for the Phillies' inexplicable season. The Phils are perched atop the (crap) division . . . on pace for an 84-win season. (In other news, Rob is already making his room in his fridge for Case Bet winnings.) The NL East title won't be worth the banner it's printed on for whoever wins it, but it's still an entry into the postseason, so the Mets should ignore their record, ignore the trail of wreckage behind them, and ignore the denizens of the Township who continually point out their flaws. Look, the team fairly well sucks right now, but might I remind you that the 2006 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals were a fairly cruddy team, too. Anything can happen.

(Except the Nationals winning it. There is nothing in the entire universe that could make that happen.)

Crappy-go-lucky . . . that's what we're shooting for in Flushing in 2009.

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