Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ugly Betty

Via Surviving Grady by way of Red Sox Monster, we learn this morning that Kevin Youkilis has signed on to endorse a new energy drink called Slumpbuster. In the interest of not offending our female fan(s), I'll not delve too deeply into the etymology of that particular label. A simple Google search of 'Mark Grace' +slumpbuster should suffice.

In these quiet days before pitchers and catchers begin shedding rust in earnest, Youks is demonstrating a Hall of Fame caliber sense of humor and/or cementing his reputation as a lunkhead neanderthal, depending upon your point of view. They're not mutually exclusive positions. Our good friends at Gheorghe: The Blog would approve the silliness inherent in Youks' efforts.

Oh, and Happy New Year and all that.


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