Monday, January 07, 2008

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

You know, all of this Clemens overload eventually trickles down in the brain to render idle, ultimately meaningless thoughts, but ones that still get me wonderin'.

Now that we've seen that Roger Clemens can look any person, any camera, any God in the eye and lie through his Texas teeth without batting an eye (and yes, I believe he's lying, to sound like a Rhett Miller song) . . .

. . . you think McNamara was telling the truth?

I've always granted that the Rocket is many things, but a quitter he probably wasn't. And perhaps this pitiful charade he's engaging in now -- one which may well provide the hangman all the rope he needs -- is Exhibit A for the kind of pure stubbornness that would never have let him ask out of Game 6. Still, once you see him continually, casually emit utterances that would leave the rest of us with trousers ablaze, you can't help but consider tossing out his 21 years of sternly refuting Johnny Mac's story as yet another whopper.

Just a thought.

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rob said...

i've actually always thought mcnamara was telling the truth. clemens is such a mental patient and had such a hard time in big games early in his career that i had no problem picturing johnny mac's scenario.