Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Almost Famous

Your Tuesday Morning Trivia Question: Former major league pitcher Greg Harris was best known for being ambidextrous -- enough so that he was the only pitcher ever to pitch with each hand in the same game (Expos vs. Reds, 9/28/95).

He might have been almost as (in)famous for being the only player to miss time in the bigs for "flicking sunflower seeds to a friend in the stands."

And finally, he was semi-known as one of two Greg Harrises throwing in the bigs in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Not that interesting, but it was kind of annoying.

That said, he is singularly noteworthy 'round these parts for being the only player in major league history to do what???


rob said...

i'm gonna say that he's the only player in big league history (or at least the only one you could think of and/or find evidence to back up) that played for all 4 mlc-supported squads.

Whitney said...

You are correct. He is the only one ever, according to Baseball-Reference.com.

rob said...

i think he'll enter the hall of fame wearing a sox cap.

Whitney said...

Could be . . . it won't be as a Met or Yankee, that's for sure. He book-ended a fairly respectable career in the bigs with underwelming stints in New York (plus a return to Stade Olympique for the amphibious fame).

Timothy said...

Ok, just sent the New York Mets National League Baseball Club my $$ for this season. Same 81 games, better location.

Why do I feel like I just paid an ugly Haitian hooker too much for sex and a disease to be named later?

Whitney said...

TM, you're a more dedicated man than I. Well done, sir. And may you have enough left in the account for the inevitable therapy sessions this year.