Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Deal or No Deal

This is merely a placeholder for some serious bliss if, as reported, the Mets have acquired Johan Santana. To be a total Nervous Nelly, I will wait until the extension is signed, the physical is passed, and Johan is at the podium, donning the colors and breaking in that stiff, new cap. I am loath to count chickens, so I'll just walk around with a sly grin and a whole lot of fingers crossed.

Forget the measured logic of my Santana post below. This would be huge.


Nick said...


Does this mean it's too early to discuss who the favorite is in the NL East?

You are aware we picked up in the indomitable Pedro Feliz, aren't you?

rob said...

speaking for me and teejay, i think we're both pleased with this outcome given the other alternatives. me probably more than him.

TJ said...


Nick, between Feliz and So Taguchi, I don't see how the Phils can lose.

rob said...

for what it's worth, the baseball cognescenti is fairly unanimous in the opinion that the mets pulled down bill smith's pants and gave him an atomic wedgie.

Jerry said...

Mets are setting themselves up for some very tough times down the road. They've become a very old team and now have the worst farm system in baseball.

It's a good deal on a talent basis, but it's a deal the Mets really couldn't afford to make. They've got 2 years to win the WS and after that, it's going to be tough sledding.

Nick said...

...and that's the thought that gives me comfort. You know, that the Mets will keep us company at the bottom in a few years. The Phils farm system isn't replete with talent either and while I love Chase, Ryan and Jimmie, they are all pushing 30 ever so rapidly. Tick-tock.

Whitney said...

I can't disagree with you, Jer, but I am still a big fan of the trade. There's a number of intangible pluses here, from the fans' restoration in Omar and the focus of the club to re-energizing the players after last fall's collapse to deflating the division rivals' momentum by even the tiniest of slivers. As you alluded to, it's instant gratification without long-term promise, and you can't quantify it, but I like it.

With the added draft picks they have this year and a shift away from Bud's suggestion of draft slotting, the Mets can now re-dedocate themselves to bolstering what is, indeed, a terrible farm system. In the meantime, we should revel in the next couple of years of Metball with the highest of hopes.

Red said hope is a dangerous thing, one that can drive a man insane, and maybe getting all revved up about Santana is a bad idea. I prefer to go with Andy's outlook: "“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing, and no good thing ever dies." Just look at how the McRib keeps coming back. Chomp!

Itsmetsforme said...

"Mets are setting themselves up for some very tough times down the road. They've become a very old team and now have the worst farm system in baseball."


Jerry that is the most preposterous and indefensible thing ive read today. Can't believe you got away with that on this blog, though the hills are crawling with enemy plants. I have to stand up for the baseball cognoscenti here, even if I have not been invited to their parties lately.

Please name 1 (one) piece of evidence for your assertions. 2 years?

I'll save you the time. You can't.

If you said something like, oh those metsies are in trouble in 5 or so years... but no one would say that cause its silly.

I'm pretty pessimistic when it comes to the mets, but really. The mets have a young core signed for long term deals. that core go by the names of davie, jose, carlos, and soon...a guy name johan. ever heard a them? Not too shabby.

I can think of only one "old" person necessarily signed past this year. Castillo. How do you characterize the Mets as "old." Lets see, you're not talking about this year's rotation. Are you referring to the bench? Well I'll give you that, if the Mets bench doesn't win it all in the next 2 years, they'll have to hang their heads in elderly shame.

With the resources the mets have, it is ridiculous to assume they can't rebuild the farm if they focus on it. And pretty quickly since they have some draft picks and an international presence to beat the band, and a boy named fmart, he might turn out ok.


rob said...

oh, snap.

any of you blue and orange lads getting a mite worried about the contract talks?

Itsmetsforme said...

well that's the last time i unload on a commenter around here.
it's like yelling at a bunch of muppets.