Friday, February 01, 2008

High Anxiety

Omar Minaya is channeling Nadia Comaneci.

On this very page, there has been an assertion that the Mets have sold the farm to get Johan (shouldn’t it be pronounced ho-han?) in Met pinstripes. ESPN’s Jayson Stark's take can be interpreted that the trade was one which certainly moves the Mets to the starting line in the 2008 marathon but at the same time it may have diminished their chances of staying in front for longer than a few seasons. (By the way, doesn’t that unnecessary ‘Y’ in the middle of Mr. Stark’s first name strike you as somewhat effeminate?) By 2010, it’s not a stretch to imagine Carlos Delgado will be returning to the Junior Circuit looking for DH work whilst Moises Alou will be ravaging South Florida buffets at 4:00 every afternoon. The Mets have only two position players ranked by Baseball Amreica’s 2007 list of their organization’s Top 10 and Carlos Gomez was one of them.

On other hand....the inevitable aging of everyday players is not unique to the Mets and the inverse of the Mets’ lack of everyday prospects is that the rest of the Top 10 is filled with pitching, pitching and pitching. Couldn’t that ‘glut’ of pitching be used to trade for everyday stars looking to get out of Mayberry markets?

On the other hand....consider also that only four Mets prospects appeared on the 2007 Baseball America’s Top 100 prospects. Mathematically, each team should expect at a minimum to place 4 players in the Top 100. That would seem to be the break even point as to whether the organization is growing or dying. Of the four, three are imminently about to familiarize themselves with the fantastic world of ice fishing, horseflies and the Farm Labor Party’s political philosophy. Also, moving pitching prospects for everyday players to replace aging veterans might also negatively affect how the Mets plan to replace Pedro and El Duque as they join Moises and the blue hairs in del Boca Vista.

On the other hand....the Mets’ new ballpark opens in 2009 which will inject an obnoxious amount of revenue to the coffers and they do play in New York which even if you were to assume that the Yanks got 2/3rd of the market revenue – which I doubt – it would still outpace at least 26 other clubs. Flushing, if you will pardon the pun, will be flush with cash.

We could go either way on this as I am sure Minaya did. In the end, doing something trumped doing nothing. If he is going to get cursed, it will be for the former which I am sure most people would prefer. Comes with the job I suppose. The question is not whether the move should have been made so much as whether Santana can deliver. We have seen Gotham devour superstars before. The verdict on the list of imported high dollar free agents who ditched Smallville for the bright lights is probably muddled at best. I offer an insincere good luck Johann. Let’s see how you handle the New York Post back page.


Whitney said...

Speaking of how to pronounce names, the "J" in Jayson Stark's name is a hard J, like a G. Strange but true.

The problem with ascension of baseball personalities to ESPN levels is that you sometimes forget these guys' previous affiliations . . . I mean aphilliations. Stark, that no-good, Phillie-lovin' such-and-such enjoys stirring up the pot with talk about the deal possibly not going through and how it's going to cripple the Mets.

Of course's it's going to cripple them -- and by "them" I mean the New Orleans Zephyrs. They will suck this year. As will the B-Mets, the Port St. Lucie Mets, even down to the Cyclones, and probably the Tides and Lynchburg just for good measure. The Mets should be just fine this year, the Good Lord willin', the creek don't rise, and the injury bug swirls in Keystone and Peach rather than Empire.

Once Omar inks this thing -- and Omar, you'd better fucking ink this thing -- he has time to begin thinking about how to work on the 2010 Mets. 2010: The Year We Make Contract. Until then, live in the now, people.

Nick said...

Of course, Jayson is the poor man's (read Phillies fan's) Peter Gammons. I like him only because he is the only member of that organization *ESPN) that can spell Phillies. I don't think Krukkie is a Phiillie at heart. He will always be one of Fregosi's boys much they way Schill was one of John Vukovich's boys.

So Gayson, I mean Jayson is our only rep in the national media and for that, I am grateful.

I should mention that he presented all the "should they or shouldn't they" material regarding Johan in a forum called Heaters which pits one POV vs. the another. In this case, it was Phils or Mets - who is the team to beat. Read it and you will find he's fairly non-committal.

Now then, is is five o'clock yet. Man, I think that clock is slow.

Nick said...

Nice typos, eh?

Whitney said...

I brought my . . . pencil!
(Assuming that was a "Hot for Teacher" reference)

Whether or not that "Phiillies" misspelling was intentional . . . kudos.

And I heard some terrible stories about Stark and some UVA football players. Outside chance I may have the wrong Stark there.