Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Voices Carry

Nice article in today's Boston Globe by the estimable Bob Ryan. I agree with nearly every word, the notable exception being his characterization of the Yankees as a "likable and rootable team". I don't even think 'rootable' is a word.

I find Ryan's concluding thesis extremely on point and thought provoking. He writes,

Once upon a time, losing brought a brief period of sorrow. Now it brings
rage. The rest of the season, I fear, will not be much fun.

The truth is we need to sit down and figure out what sports are all
about. We've lost our way.

He's right - you can read my comments here over the past few weeks for proof. It's part and parcel of the coursening of manners and public dialogue in the country at large and of the increasing and dangerous spoils-to-the-winners approach of our political and economic elites. I need to ponder on this for a bit, but my eyes are open.

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