Saturday, August 19, 2006

Counting on a Miracle

Game 121 - Red Sox

Yankees 14, Red Sox 11
Record: 69-52

More than 12 hours later, and I'm still nail-chewing mad. Galvanized nails. Against all reason.

The Sox demonstrated for all the world why they'll be playing out the string over the next 6 weeks instead of making a run for the playoffs. I should be resigned to it, because nobody in their right mind should expect a team missing 60% of its starting rotation, its opening day closer, and 2 key starters to contend. I get it, in a big picture way, but that rational worldview clouds over in the time it takes Derek Jeter to reach out and poke a poorly located Mike Timlin fastball into the rightfield corner.

Not much more to say, at least without resorting to the same colorful language that echoed around my darkened house at around midnight yesterday. Still 3 more in Boston against the Yankees, but it looks like the strain of too many innings thrown by too many too young arms has finally taken its toll.

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