Tuesday, August 15, 2006


With Rob in northern California on his mandatory but heartily welcomed sabbatical, I thought I'd check in with a singular, superficial thought on tonight's Sox game. In truth, with the Mets collapsing in the City of Otherly Love yet again, I tuned in to significantly more of the Boston-Detroit contest. And I've not seen a more laugh-out-loud hilarious couple of frames of a baseball telecast than the middle innings of this game. Funnymen Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke had invaded the NESN booth, purportedly to promote Leary's work with a number of fire departments but really just to watch some of the game with Jerry & Don and commandeer the broadcast. By the time Leary bellowed "Braveheart, my ass!" after Kevin Youkilis made an outstanding play, I was dying; Jerry Remy was nearly incapacitated. It's worth catching if, like me, someone you know TiVoed it.

Oh, and the Sox lost again. Not as funny.

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