Thursday, July 05, 2007

Soul Asylum

Game 83 - Red Sox

Red Sox 7, Devil Rays 5
Record: 52-31

Javier Lopez, you're on the list. And you don't want to be on the list. Trust me. Greg Wiggle was on the list, and you know what happened to him.

Friend of MLC, Gheorghe: The Blog proprietor, and Yankee fan Teejay O'Boyle and I wagered a six-pack of finely crafted domestic brews (in my case, anyway - if I lose, the palate-challenged Mr. O'Boyle will likely request Coors Light) on the relative accomplishments of Tim Wakefield and Roger Clemens for the remainder of the 2007 season. When the Texas Con Man turned in a lights-out performance against the Twins on Monday, he took the lead on Wake in the categories that matter (ERA, WHIP, and opponent's batting average).

Wake got through 6 innings yesterday in fine fettle, allowing only 1 run and 4 hits to the Devil RAAAys. Then he allowed 3 singles in the 7th and left the game with 1 man out and a 7-1 lead. Purported lefty-slayer Lopez then proceeded to give up a ringing double to lefty bat Carl Crawford and a rope single to fellow southpaw Carlos Pena to allow all 3 of the runners he inherited from Wake to score. Manny Delcarmen had to clean up Lopez' mess and a laugher got far closer than my ticker needed. And Mr. O'Boyle took a healthy lead in our wager. As I said, on the list.

I sure hope we get a post from the Mets side of the ledger today - the best writing comes from the most emotional places, and my friend's gotta be about ready to throw something through a window right about now.


Whitney said...

Why was Greg Wiggle on the list?

TJ said...

Was the purple TeleTubbie also on the list?

rob said...

he knows why.