Monday, July 09, 2007

P-Funk All-Stars

Game 87 - Mets

Astros 8, Mets 3

Record at the All-Star Break: 48-39

2 games up on the Braves, 4.5 on the Phillies, 7 on the Marlins

5 games back of the Red Sox (3 back in the Case Bet)

Welcome to the All-Star Break. Take a breath. Also busy with work today, so I'll mirror my cohort: a placeholder, a ten-cent synopsis, and a link or two.

The Mets of the second half should prove . . . interesting, even if ultimately unsuccessful. Streaky as hell in the first half, intermittently lights-out dominant and utterly befuddled. Could make for a shaky down-the-stretch state of mind. Starting pitching losing footing, middle relief eroding quickly, and a couple of superstars not looking the part. Wouldn't mind a Nady-for-Hernandez-and-Perez type deal right now. On the plus side: Reyes, Wright, and maybe a little guy named Pedro keep the dream well intact.

Meantime Reading.: a fine piece on the obligatory All-Star selections at F&F and some discussion of a little guy named Pedro at FU. Enjoy, and we'll get you something more very soon.

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