Thursday, July 12, 2007

Slick Rick

It's just been reported that old chum Rickey Henderson is the Mets' new hitting coach, replacing Rick Down. I've pleaded for a better answer than Rick Down, something close to the hitting coach equivalent of Rick Peterson (these are the Ricks I know, I know). You know, someone who can study and tweak and actually turn guys around. Now we have Rickey Henderson, who plans to turn Carlos Delgado around . . . and have him bat righty. Okay, perhaps not, but you tell me: will anything ridiculous Rickey does surprise you? At least his quotes might entertain us.

But I gotta say-- well, let's unearth the old Hoosiers delectable. Omar, Willie . . . what you're doin' with Rickey . . . I'm not seein' it.

Or in Rickeyspeak, Whitney's not seein' it.

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