Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Games 100 & 101 - Red Sox

Red Sox 1, Indians 0
Indians 1, Red Sox 0 (in progress, top of the 8th)

The Sox look quite likely to lose tonight's game, sweet payback for the Indians and their starting pitcher Fausto Carmona. The young lad's deal with the devil was cemented after David Ortiz and the Sox tormented him in the late innings on consecutive days last season. This year, he's been dynamite, and watching him this evening, it's easy to see why. 96 mph gas, and otherworldly sinker, and an exploding slider. It's one of those tip your caps evenings. Except for Dustin Pedroia, who barked at the 6'4" 220-lb. Carmona after a fastball zipped under the little second baseman's chin. I love that little bastard.

Not for nothing, Josh Beckett's been almost as dominant, making one mistake that Franklin Gutierrez dumped into the seats, and otherwise silencing the Tribe sticks. More payback for the Indians, as the Sox and Daisuke Matsuzaka kept C.C. Sabathia from winning his 13th game of the year last night, just like Cleveland seems on track to do to Beckett.

Both games have been the stuff of Halberstamian legend - phenomenal pitchers on top of their games for both teams. The offenses are bit players in these twin dramas, dinking a bloop single here and there, trying to manufacture runs against diffident, brilliant moundsmen. It's nights like these that I'm glad I've got the Extra Innings Package.

With the blistering Yankees in Kansas City, it sure looks like the lead will be down to 6.5 when you read this. I'd spend time worrying, but I'm off on another weekend of silliness followed by a week of business travel in Northern California. I'll just cover my eyes and ears and channel Animal House-era Kevin Bacon.


TJ said...

6.5 baby...

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