Friday, April 13, 2007


The always-entertaining (and massively prolific) team at Surviving Grady posted their AL East season preview this morning. Good stuff, as usual, from Red and Denton, but I mention it mostly because of the fantastic picture of Jonathan Papelbon and NESN's sideline babe Tina Cervasio. Papelbon, like any normal red-blooded American in his early 20s, is getting a serious eye workout while examining the rear-facing curves of the comely Ms. Cervasio. His expression is, as they say, priceless. Add one more to the long and growing list of reasons to love young Paps.


Whitney said...

He has a funny face -- like his eyes, nose, and mouth are squished into the middle of it with a whole lot of margin space around the periphery. It makes the photo even funnier.

As for the post a few down praising Alyssa Milano for sporting Soxwear, I have an catalog on my desk right now with her in a Yankees "rhinestone foil v-neck t-shirt." That whore.

(Please don't fire me for that comment, Rob.)

rob said...

hey, if the t-shirt fits.