Friday, April 06, 2007

The Lemonheads

Game 4 - Red Sox

Texas Rangers 2, Red Sox 0
Record: 2-2

Here's to you...Robinson Tejeda. A Nation turns its lonely eyes to the batter's box, wondering why the Sox didn't bring their vaunted patience to the Ballpark in Arlington or whatever the hell the Rangers' yard is called these days. The Sox made 7 first-pitch outs in 34 plate appearances, with another 8 batters retired on the 2nd pitch of an at-bat. That's a recipe for an easy day for a pitching staff, and Tejeda and a pair of relievers never gave the Sox a chance, allowing a meager 3 basehits.

The blame goes deep for the offense, and while the season still isn't old enough to breed real worry, the Sox have now managed 12 runs in their first 4 contests, with only 1 homerun. David Ortiz' .133 start isn't much cause for concern, but Covelli Crisp's sluggish .154 out of the blocks isn't helping with that part of Sox fandom that's eager to jump grumpy on the centerfielder. The only real offensive bright spot today was that Jason Varitek didn't make any outs. And you think I'm kidding.

Timmy Wake took his turn in continuing to uphold the pitching staff's end of the bargain, allowing 1 earned in 7 innings of 3-hit ball. Last year, in Wake's 11 losses, the Sox plated a total of *6* runs while he was in the game. Wouldn't blame him if he had ugly flashbacks this evening.

Speaking of ugly, the Sox turn to Julian Tavarez tomorrow to keep alive their chances at salvaging a series victory over the Rangers. I'm feeling sick as a dog and we've got an afternoon Easter Egg Hunt scheduled in 45-degree temperatures. If all breaks right, I'll be passed out by 8:30 and miss the whole tilt.

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