Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Blow Monkeys

Wily Mo Pena's pretty much playing his way off the Sox' roster, or at least deep, deep into Terry Francona's doghouse. His brutal fielding stylings tonight rest squarely atop the foundation laid by his undisciplined, resolutely unimproved approach at the plate. The Sox have now made 3 errors in the top of the 6th and 4 in tonight's game. 10-3, Jays. Empty the bench, Tito. Let's see if Tina Cervasio can hit a curveball.


Timothy said...

On the John Rocker local back from the big ballyard in queens. Not pretty, but Endy comes through in a big spot again and Easley passes a-rod in homeruns per at bat.

What I cannot figure out is why they can't run the 7 train express after the games. This ride sucks even after a fun game like tonight. If rudy had been a met fan they would have figured this out by now.

Whitney said...

Rob, I am digging your scene as you beat me to that punch.

Timmy, I applaud you for choosing to attend this game and sticking it out. Awesome finish, and an early classic in the '07 campaign.