Friday, August 27, 2004

Game 126 - Mets
I guess those people who were expecting a win are feeling a bit stupid, eh, Padre?

Padres 10, Mets 3
Record: 59-67

And the Mets Season-Long Diamond Party rolls on. Yesterday provided this cup of chicken shit for the soul:
  • Adam Eaton (9-11) completely handcuffed the Mets for seven shutout innings. Eaton may possibly be most renowned for needing a DL stint after stabbing himself in the gut with a pocketknife while trying to open DVD packaging. Perhaps some of the Mets can take a page from him and perform this scaled down hari-kari.
  • The Mets should have been shut out entirely, and would have were it not for the insertion of Padre reliever Marty "No, Biff, Not This Time" McLeary in the ninth. Marty wished he could go back in time and throw some different pitches, as he gave up three runs on two taters.
  • Steve "Flying Off the" Trachsel was torched by the San Diego lineup to drop to 10-11. The trend of the weary Met starters faltering in August tumbles on.
  • The high-flying relief tandem of Dan Wheeler and Pedro Feliciano lit up the afternoon sky once again. "FedEx" Wheeler once again excelled at the home delivery of inherited runners, needing just a couple of pitches to score a leftover baserunner and close the bad horror novel of a book on Trachsel. Feliciano, for his part, pitched just the 8th but handed out singles like it was his bachelor party, allowing four runs to score.
  • In Feliciano's defense . . . well, he actually had very little defense, as Wilson Delgado confirmed once again that there is a curse on the glove of any man who assumes the role of Mets' shortstop. We're going to need a live chicken to fix this problem.

Outside of this three-hour spanking, the good news keeps piling up.

  • The Mets lowballed Kris Benson on a "long-term" offer -- 2 years, $12M. Dammit, remember you're from New York and pony up the green, mo-rons.
  • mastermind Buster Olney once again proved a stunning lack of insight, comparing the Mets' deadline deals with (a) Milt Pappas for Frank Robinson, (b) cash for Babe Ruth, and (c) Larry Andersen for Jeff Bagwell. Premature and hyperbolic, perhaps (maybe not, as time will tell, but ignorant for sure, mainly because his commentaries have been predicated on the notion that the Mets were only dealing in order to contend in 2004. It doesn't take a landscape of perspective to see that this wasn't the case. Worst of all, The Logic-Buster instructed the Mets to pay Kris Benson, a la bullet point #1, meaning we agree on something. My resignation is forthcoming.
  • After dropping four to the Pad Squad, first place L.A. comes to town for the weekend. Adrian Beltre may hit 10 home runs this weekend.

In other news, a Jim Thome & Pat Burrell for Mike Piazza & Mike Cameron deal has been offered up . . . by Phils fan Nick Luketic. He elaborates:

Thome is the ultimate good guy and a great clubhouse addition. Pat the Bat will
be worth 5 wins by virtue of joining rather than playing vs. the Mets.
Piazza is a Philly guy and will be a crowd favorite. Cameron can hit 40 homers
in the friendly confines of "The Bank." On the surface, not much of a change
except that it is change.

I took the deal. I hate to part with Piazza, but the Mets can't figure out where to play him, anyway. Look for the news of this deal in your local press soon.

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