Thursday, August 12, 2004

Game 112 - Mets
Seeds and Snuff --> Cortisone and Percocet

Astros 5, Mets 4
Record: 53-59

Sloppy conditions, another hurt Met, and what Astros current general Phil Garner called an "ugly win." I've got an inkling the recap will be no prettier.

Pats on the back should be administered to Matt Ginter, who threw an admirable six innings with just a pair of Houston runs on his watch, and David "Can I Blame This" Weathers, who gives up a pair of earned runs every time I check the box score. He was as effective in Shea as he had been earlier this year, enabling the Mets to tie the game after . . . well, read on.

Middle fingers go up to Ricky Bottalico, who permitted as many Astros to score through his first five batters as Ginter had in six innings, and Roy Oswalt, who drilled Cliff Floyd and ended his game. I'm not saying the plunking was intentional; wire reports pointing out that there was a base open and that Floyd hit a grand slam off him the last time Oswalt faced the Mets didn't say it was intentional, either. They just found those factoids interesting.

Mike Piazza's on the DL now, Tom Glavine wath thcratched from hith thart yethterday (it's a wonder he can walk), Kaz Matsui has a slew of problems, and Jose Reyes sat out with some "lower leg" problems (hey, you try fielding grounders with your shins and see how it feels). The injury-plagued theme was slow to develop this year, especially compared to '03, but when the tone is set by your highest-paid player being Mo Vaughn, how it could it play out any differently? That the up-the-middle combo of Danny Garcia and Joe McEwing made no errors in a mucky infield is a rather substantial accomplishment, but such miracles are likely in short supply.

The rubber match of this series is a daytimer today. Victor Zambrano takes the mound for the Metros, with Andy Pettitte throwing for Houston. Let's hope Rick Peterson's magic dust has started to sink into Zambrano. Actually, forget that; let's just hope for an injury-free game. Of course, I uttered precisely the same words before the Redskins preseason game Monday, and look what happened. Dear lord. Duck and cover, people.

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