Thursday, August 19, 2004

Game 118 - Mets
"Let's Lose Two!"

Mets at Rockies, PPD (Presumably Pummeled in the Doubleheader)
Record: Still 56-61

After getting backhanded all over the field for all 10 games of the past five doubleheaders, rainouts present doubly gloomy horizons for the Mets. Observe the uplifting analysis from after the last go-around:

(6/28/04) The Mets conceded both games of all four double-dippers they played in
2003, and they kicked off their '04 two-fers with a pair of nut-shots yesterday.
Even scarier is how badly they've lost those 10 games -- by a combined 81-31,
allowing five or more runs every time.

Oh, my. One has to figure that today will be their best good chance to snap the ugly streak of double-dipper sweeps, especially with Kris Benson and Al Leiter on the docket. I mean, the outlook is certainly better than that of the September 13 two-fer coming up against the Braves, right? Unfortunately, speaking of outlooks, it's supposed to rain all afternoon in Denver, so there's a chance there will be no games played today. And what with Rockies vs. Mets nowhere on the rest of the 2004 schedule and with neither club near postseason contention, these games may not happen at all. Leaving 9/13 as the likely only shot of ending the doubleheader drought this season. How convenient.

* * *

Yesterday I had a chance to peruse some of the other Mets blogs out there, and as usual, I was verily impressed -- both in the strong content (as in solid and using strong language) and in the confirmation that other people out there have as much time to dedicate to the literary, analytical equivalent of banging our heads against a wall. I decided it was time to stop being lazy / xenophobic and post some links to these blogs, encouraging Rob to do the same for the Sox blog world. After all, we are all in this together, and as the season worsens with every passing day (or media release), we'll need each other more and more.

One particular column that caught my eye was from Kaley over at Flushing Local, whose loyal optimism continues to shine through the storm of negativity emanating from Shea. Consecutive posts of pure positive energy (1) working out the math necessary for the wild card run and (2) "clinging to my precious hope" despite having to issue sincere lamentations for Victor Zambrano are breaths of fresh air. She is to be admired for her never-wavering spirit and to be pitied for her complete and utter insanity.

Anyway, there's a treasure-trove of good stuff out there -- better organized, better informed, and better designed. That's not to say you shouldn't keep coming here for our unique perspective -- hey, we didn't win Longest Post Without a Discernible Point earlier this year for nothing.

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