Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Game 105 - Mets
Pounding Brew, Drinking [to] Murphy's

Mets 12, Brewers 3
Record: 50-55

And there was much rejoicing, from harems in Krakow to crack houses in Harlem. The Mets pounded the Brew Crew behind another strong outing by Al "It'd Be Easier to Carry This Team If Some of the Guys Were" Leiter. He should be challenging league leaders for wins, but instead he can be content with leading in ERA. It's increasingly frustrating to think about the seasons he and Tom Glavine have had while perusing the standings. Eight back of the Braves, who were kind enough to lose last night, seven and a half back of the wild card. I like wins, (it's like, you know, better'n losing!) and you just never know, so all is well.

Well, almost all. Yesterday the Mets lost radio broadcaster Bob Murphy to cancer. Murphy had called games from Game 1 in '62 until the end of last season (!), and his call of a certain fielding gaffe in a certain postseason contest (shhh) is easily unearthed from age-old memories. This was a man who enjoyed his job through and through in a way Rob and I may never know -- unless someone starts paying us to write this trifling banter.

Oh, and the standings I failed to mention earlier: the Mets are eight games back of the Sox with 14 to give with just under two months left. Pleased, but I'm not exactly placing my order yet. You just never know, after all.

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