Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Tiger Watch, Part Deux - This One Goes to, um, Montreal

Making fun of the Montreal Expos isn't really fair, and frankly, not all that fun. It's beyond insane that Major League Baseball has let this franchise dangle for the past several years when the Nation's Capital sits forlorn and pastime-less. Every true baseball fan should feel his or her blood boil when Les Expos are mentioned, and should sign up Bud Selig for every en.larg.e you.r pen.is 3 in.ches spam emailer's mailing list on principle. Montreal's putrid performance to date is a function of a gutted roster (sans Javier Vazquez, Vladimir Guerrero, and Michael Barrett, and soon to be Jose Vidro), a miserable travel schedule (regular season major league baseball in front of 7,500 in San Juan is an oxymoron at best, a travesty at worst), and the combined weight of several seasons as the Tiny Tims to Peter Angelos' Ebenezer Scrooge.

That said, their performance to date is a awful. To wit:

20 runs in 13 games, good for 1.54 per outing. No other team averages fewer than 3.36 (Philly). Good Lord.
A .200 team batting average and a .541 OPS. Yikes. In other words, their lineup consists of 9 Tony Womacks.
And even with a 3.66 team ERA, the 'Spos are 2-11.


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