Friday, April 23, 2004

Mid-Game Update

Jae Weong Seo wasted no time reprising his role as the best batting practice pitcher in a major league rotation, serving one up to Moises Alou in the first inning with a man aboard. Before you could get settled in, 2-0. Mike Cameron came right back with a solo shot in the 2nd for the Mets, though. Seo settled down for a couple of innings and the Mets loaded the bases with no outs in the top of the 3rd. A sure chance to break it open with Mike Piazza at the plate.

The Game Log reads:
-M Piazza grounded into double play, pitcher to catcher to first, K Matsui out at home, S Spencer to third, K Garcia to second.
-M Cameron struck out looking.

Ugh. Seo responds with a meatball to former Cowboy-Upper Todd Walker and it's 3-1. I'll give Seo credit, he doesn't drag it out painfully. It's just a sock in the face, not a slow malaise.

- - -

Something forgotten in my earlier post: Ty Wigginton was placed on the DL today after fainting and experiencing dizziness, perhaps after a hard look at his .188 batting average. I hope it's something to joke about and not more serious, but it's definitely not what the Mets needed. It means more AB's for Ricky Gutierrez and Todd Zeile, which wasn't in the game plan. Jose Reyes, please come quickly.

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