Monday, April 05, 2004

20/20 Hindsight

One game into the season and I'm already in mid-season Sox-induced panic mode. In retrospect, I penned this morning's entry in a foul mood, a combination of late night, long kid-temper-tantrum filled weekend, and Sox loss. The truth is, one game does not a season make, and one game like yesterday's fluky, frigid, wind-addled contest is certainly not the harbinger of anything other than 25,000 cases of the flu. A wise baseball philosopher once noted that in every season each team will win 35 games and lose 35 games regardless of what they do - it's the other 90 that make the difference. Chalk last night up to 1 of 35 predestined losses and move on.

In other words, ignore the cranky bastard that wrote the previous post.

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