Monday, April 26, 2004

As Promised - The Expos Watch

Record: 5-14 (3-4 vs. the Mets, 2-10 vs. rest of league)
Runs Scored: 34 (1.79/game)
Home Runs: 9 (Barry Bonds has 9)
Batting Average: .203
OPS: .546
Average Home Attendance: 13,210

Still on a very impressive pace. Other peculiar tidbits around the league:

- The second-worst record in the league is held by the Seattle Mariners (6-13)
- Worst OPS in the league: 1. Expos (.546) 2. Mets (.670) 3. Yankees (.692)
- Armando Benitez is now 9-for-9 in save opp's with a 0.73 ERA. Last year at this time he did have seven saves -- to go along with four blown saves, three losses, a 7.24 ERA, five meltdowns, 40,000 enemies in Queens and the neighboring boroughs, and a knack for making everything 1000% harder than it needed to be. Apparently all he required was the relative obscurity a World Series-winning team in Miami merits (which is a lot). What's going to happen when Loria moves the team to Vegas, though?

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