Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Games 146-149 - Red Sox. I have no fingernails.

Red Sox 7, White Sox 4
White Sox 3, Red Sox 1
White Sox 7, Red Sox 2
Red Sox 8, Devil Rays 2
Record: 87-62
AL East: 5.5 GB NYY and fading fast
Wild Card: 1st - 1.5 up on Sea

Looks like I let the blogging get away from me a bit - got a little behind because of out-of-town carousing and NFL action. The Sox tried hard to give away the Wild Card lead while I dozed, but the Mariners were awfully kind, dropping games to both Anaheim and Texas when their bullpen couldn't hold late leads. Hey! I know that team.

The last 13 games are against the Rays, Indians, and Orioles, all of whom are scrappy, but less talented than the Sox. On the plus side, the Sox will be the better team in each of these games. On the minus side, the Sox know this, and might be ripe for the upset bred of overconfidence. Ask the New York Giants how that feels. More than ever, the Sox clubhouse leaders - Millar, Ortiz, Timlin - need to ride herd on their teammates to ensure maximum focus and maximum effort.

I continue to believe in this team, and I continue to drive the Positivity Wagon. This team will prevail, unless this hurricane blows the entire eastern seaboard into Kansas. Lotta ball left. Stay on target.

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