Thursday, September 04, 2003

Game 138 - Mets, or Take Your Sorry Butts Back to Atlanta

Mets 9, Braves 3
Record: 62-76

Yep, that's me talking smack about the 62-76 Mets sweeping the 87-52, division-leading, playoff-locked Braves. Hell, yes. When household names such as Danny Garcia, Jeff Duncan, Jorge Velandia (who starred, with a double, triple, and 3 RBI), and Orber Moreno (?!) beat the likes of Chipper, Andruw, Sheff, Javy, Vinny, and Russ Ortiz, how can you not be pleasantly surprised to the point of reality-ignoring jawing?

I like the way the past week played out, despite going just 3-3. Drop three to the Phils, because they needed the boost, then take three from the Braves, because . . . screw them. But now, make no mistake, the time has come to take down those Philadelphians. Chomp on those Phillies like the cheap cigar of a team they are. In truth, the Phils have a bit of inner turmoil right now and are ripe for the plucking. It seems the sensitive players have had enough of Larry Bowa's ranting and raving, and in a players-only meeting they decided to continue their quest for the wild card while not giving Bowa the time of day. Nice. A little mutiny at the Vet. It only materialized when Pat Burrell hit a tater and avoided Bowa's congratulatory five. (I contend that Burrell hit so poorly this year, perhaps he was just confused.) Within 24 hours, the scapegoat was determined and sent packing. Bench player Tyler Houston, whom Bowa labeled a loser and a ringleader among the mutineers. High drama in Philly. Even the Phanatic isn't himself these days.

So, four games against the Phils with 96 beers on the line. Yes, 96 beers, not to be confused with "96 Tears," the sixties classic from Question Mark & the Mysterians. Four cases of the finest ale to cap off a 19-case wagering extravangaza. This is getting ugly.

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