Friday, September 19, 2003

Game 152 - Red Sox. Scratching and Clawing.

Red Sox 4, Devil Rays 3
Record: 89-63
AL East: 5 GB NYY
Wild Card: 1st - 2.5 up on Sea

The Sox bounced back again last night, like they have all season. It wasn't pretty, but the result is all that mattered. Tim Wakefield should have had a complete game victory, but Todd Walker flubbed an easy popup in the 9th, which let the game get a lot closer than necessary. The Bunger made things waaay too interesting, as per his norm, but got Rocco Baldelli with two on and two out to lock up the win.

In their last 6 games, the Sox have scored 1, 2, 8, 3, 0, and 4 runs - averaging 3 per contest. Nagging injuries are starting to impact several key components of the everyday lineup, as the wear and tear of the season takes its toll. Still, they're gutting out wins and keeping the M's at bay. Seattle has 9 games left - 6 against Oakland. The Sox have 10, against Cleveland, Baltimore, and Tampa. The Sox can see the finish line, and smell the postseason, and...hell, I ran out of sensory cliches, but glory is in their grasp, if they can avoid pulling a Jack Cust and falling on their faces.

It was fun to see all the gnashing of teeth in the Bronx yesterday, as the Yankee/Oriole game was - ridiculously - played in the face of the oncoming hurricane. Predictably, the teams finished 5 innings with the game tied before the rains forced a washout. The Yankees had to scramble to the airport just to get to Tampa for today's game. Big Stein went postal, and while I think he's got a legitimate beef, it still makes me happy to see MLB's idiocy hurt the Yankees for once.

Speaking of MLB's idiocy, it looks like the Expos will be playing another split schedule next season, with 22 games in either Monterrey, Mexico or San Juan, Puerto Rico. WWE rasslin' has more integrity than Major League Baseball - at least Vince McMahon admits he's got a rigged product. The Expos had a legitimate playoff-caliber squad this season, but it is certain that their peripatetic existence cost them in the standings. Just crap. But hey - that's MLB for you - bringing you asinine decisions and head-scratching outcomes since 1903.

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