Monday, June 15, 2009

Voices Carry

Games 61 through 63 - Red Sox

Red Sox 5, Phillies 2 (13)
Red Sox 11, Phillies 6
Phillies 11, Red Sox 6
Record: 38-25

Seems like only last week I was lauding Josh Beckett's recent run in this space. Ah, to be young and carefree again. Oh. It was only last week. The Curse of the Premature Utterance by MLC Know-Nothings struck again, as Beckett gave back a 4-1 lead, ultimately allowing 6 earned runs and taking the loss on Sunday afternoon.

We will not, then, be saying anything...anything...about Jon Lester.

Dispensing with the introductory, then, I'm really not all that upset with yesterday's result. Would've been nice to sweep yet another fellow MLCer, sure, but the Sox still took 2 of 3 on the road against a good team. In fact, the Sox' last 4 series were contested against teams that led their divisions at the time the series began (Tigers, Rangers, Yankees, Phillies). Boston's record in that span: a cool 9-3.

As a reward, the Sox don't play another team with a winning record (as of today) until they head to Toronto on July 17. That's a span of 25 games. And baseball being what it is and me being who I am, I fully expect them to go 10-15.

That, boys and girls, is what's known as a hedge.

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