Thursday, June 11, 2009

For Your Eyes Only

Game 59 - Red Sox

Red Sox 6, Yankees 5
Record: 35-24

Owing to a combination of work-related issues and old-friend-related gatherings, I've witnessed a grand total of 0.2 innings of this week's Sox/Yanks series. The elevated heart rate, exasperated sighs, and eventual fist-pump-induced ribcage strain testify to the fact that those are 0.2 innings too many this early in the season.

In fact, I returned home last night just in time to turn on the television and watch Jonathan Papelbon walk Alex Rodriguez with 1 out in the top of the 9th. I'd listened to the 7th and 8th innings on the radio, tuning in precisely in time to hear Johnny Damon and Mark Teixeira go back-to-back off of the heretofore untouchable Ramon Ramirez and then white-knuckle the steering wheel as Takashi Saito gave up a leadoff walk in the top of the 8th before retiring Jeter and Damon with the tying run on second.

Papelbon whiffed Robbie Cano and got Peanut Head to fly to Jason Bay on the warning track to end the game, but only after Dustin Pedroia made a phenomenal play to keep the tying run on second in the top of the 9th. George Kottaras' throw got away from Nick Green as Alejandro Pena stole second. Green got a glove on the ball, deflecting it towards right-center - in the opposite direction of Pedroia's momentum. Petey flung himself back towards the ball, flagging it with his glove as he spun in midair, and keeping Pena glued to the bag. That ball skitters away and the Yanks have the tying run on 3rd with 1 out. Whole new ballgame.

That little thing from the Sox' littlest player is emblematic of the Sox/Yanks season to date. The Sox are getting all the breaks, and making all the seemingly insignificant plays that make the difference. Baseball's got a way of evening these things out, especially between teams that are equals. But that sure as heck doesn't stop me from enjoying the ever-loving bejesus out of the current situation.

And fortunately, I've got a previous engagement tonight, so there's little chance that I see tonight's game. Which is for the best.

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