Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Name Is Earl

A quick pair of cents before emptying the stage for Nick's acceptance speech . . .

As much disdain as I have for stereotypical Philadelphians, Phils fans, and the Phillies -- and it's a lot -- in the waning moments of last night's game, I found myself happy about the result because of Nick.

I don't know any die-hard Rays fans (that's a joke) but I know some ever-lovin' Phightins Phans, and there are some diamonds in that rough, rough lot. Here's to our late, great friend Evan "Earl" Lloyd, whose time in heaven now includes Ohio State and Phillies championships, giving us all hope of a blessed afterlife.

And here's to Nick, who, once he decided to pony up again for the Extra Innings ticket and spend way too much time on a silly blog writing about his team, saw 28 years fall by the wayside. The applications for inclusion at MLC are pouring in from Cubs and Indians fans. Yanks fans, not so much.

So here's pretty much the only thing I got right this year.

Oh . . . and at least the Eagles never won anything (yet).


TJ said...

Congrats Nick.

Nick said...

Very nice. Whit. Thanks.

You too Rob and TJ.


Kevin M. Brady said...

hey whit - how about a blog post about how you can STILL get mets tix to opening day... they just released a 5-game plan that includes mets opening day (4/13) plus 4 other games in april and may - two tix to each totaled about $900. decent seats, too, i think - though i have no way of actually knowing.

i kinda figured opening day was long sold out, but it looks like tix to ALOT of games will be available thanks to kinda insane ticket prices...

dave pell told me about your blog today in school, so i wanted to check it out... nice job, btw...

-kevin brady