Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Days (or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

National League Divisional Series

Game 1 - 10/1: Milwaukee (Gallardo) @ Philadelphia (Hamels)
Game 2 - 10/2: Milwaukee (Sabathia) @ Philadelphia (Myers)
Game 3 - 10/4: Philadelphia (Moyer) @ Milwaukee (Bush)
Game 4 (if nec.) - 10/5: Philadelphia (TBD) @ Milwaukee (Suppan)
Game 5 (if nec.) - 10/7: Milwaukee (Sabathia) @ Philadelphia (TBD)

It's clear Charlie Manuel doesn't want to think about a potential Game 4, eh? While Milwaukee pilot Dale Sveum has the luxury of trotting out his beast of burden CC Sabathia twice on 3 days rest in this series, Charlie Manuel realizes he has to gently shield his precious flower Cole Hamels from the strong winds a blowin'.

When looking at these two teams on paper (on my flat screen actually,) it's remarkable how similar they are offensively and defensively. While the Phils may have the overall edge in starting pitching, it ain't by much and really won't matter in this short series. What edge they would have in a 7 game series is obviously negated by Sabathia going twice in a 5 gamer. Milwaukee has to like their chances if this series goes 5 games. That's why I am going to say something ridiculous at this moment. Today is a MUST win for the Phils. If they don't win, please do the math and tell me how we win 3 of 4 with Sabathia pitching twice?

That's my pithy analysis.

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rob said...

cole hamels pouring nick a warm glass of shut the fuck up. and nick enjoying it immensely.