Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hush Little Baby

Game 1 NLDS - Phillies 3, Brewers 1

Series 1-0 Phillies.

Unlike Rob, I was able to get to bed at a reasonable hour by virtue of my squad facing a small market team. While I am grateful that none of the contests the Phils and Brewers will stage are in prime time, I cannot say that I am taking advantage of it.

Don't misunderstand me, I am very pleased the boys took Game 1 since today's task is much more difficult. I am also quite thrilled that Cole Hamels is reviving all those great memories of Steve Carlton's and later, Curt Schilling's dominant outings in the post-season. It seems the kid is really blossoming into an ace. 8 IP, 2H, 1 BB 0 ER and 9 K is one beautiful line. I bet it makes ol' motor mouth Schilling quite proud. Schill had the luxury of pitching his WS shutout vs. the Blue Jays in the cavernous Veterans Stadium. However, Hamels numbers against the second coming of Harvey's Wallbangers in the Bank is very impressive in its own right even if Charlie pulled him after 8.

What led to my insomnia however, is the knowledge that once again, our hitters came up stone cold in a playoff game. 4 hits and 3 unearned runs. One of the hits - Utley's 2 run double was misplayed by the normally splendid center fielder Mike Cameron. If we can manage only 4 hits off of the inexperienced Milwaukee starter Yovani Gallardo and the rather mediocre Brewer bullpen, what can we expect this evening when CC takes the hill?

I've sort've written today off and have shifted my concentration on our next must win - Saturday in Milwaukee. I hope the hitters come to the plate this evening relaxed and with a similar mindset to mine. This is a must game for the Brewers so the pressure is on them. The Phils are not expected to do much so they should just enjoy the moment.

One last note - while I love Hamels rekindling memories of those dominant post season starts by the Phillies of yore, I do not enjoy at all, Brad Lidge trying to do his best Tug McGraw or Mitch Williams. Tugger, if you are reading this, better go out and get another bottle of Jamesons. You're gonna need it.

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